83% of 4th graders in America are not reading at grade level.

Read 21 is the quickest, easiest way to teach a child 3rd to 5th grade how to read.

With Read 21, 100% of children learn to read in 21 hours or less.

Read 21 is currently being reformatted to a completely digital form which will allow a child to learn to read with just a laptop computer and a microphone.

Email us at to order a free 45-day trial version.

How It Works

Read 21 uses evidence-based methods, building on a base of phonics, blending sounds into words, adding common prefixes and suffixes, dividing syllables, blending syllables into words, and using these decoding skills to eventually read entire sentences.

Lessons are short and highly interactive. Students are continually evaluated and stay motivated because they can see progress for every hour of instruction. They move quickly through areas they already know and spend more time reviewing the areas where they struggle.       

The Technology

Read21 works on a laptop with a headset and microphone. Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition technology listens to students as they say sounds, syllables, prefixes, suffixes, whole words and even sentences. Students get instant feedback so that they learn to read and speak clearly.

Detailed reports are compiled at the end of each lesson so that the teacher can monitor each student’s progress and see those areas where the student may be struggling. If a student gets less than 80% of any lesson correct, they are directed to review each sound or skill the area of struggle and repeat the relevant portions of the lesson before moving on.

Call to set up a demonstration at 470-215-1654.