Read 21 Supply Kit

  • Use the targeted cards in this kit to provide direct practice with your students. This kit includes:
  • Pictureless Alphabet Cards
  • Blend Sound List 1 Cards (21)
  • Blend Sound List 2 Cards (27)
  • Blend Sound List 3 Cards (29)
  • Common Prefix
  • Common Suffix / End Sounds
  • Most Used Words lists
  • Progress Cards

Power Starter PowerPoint Slides (Bellwork)

$5,000per school
  • Use preset powerpoints to develop your students’ knowledge of prefix, suffix, and context clues for critical thinking and comprehension for the entire year. (Sold to schools only, not individuals)

Read 21 School Web Application

$50per student
  • Students use a fully autonomous web application that uses artificial intelligence and built-in voice isolation to provide an experience similar to a present-body teacher. Teachers receive detailed reports that include wrong sounds being said, along with correct percent and student progress.
$ 0.00