The Plan

Transition your struggling reader to a confident reader in only 21 days.

How It Works

Read 21 uses evidence-based methods, building on a base of foundational phonics, high- usage blends, effective syllable- decoding, and tiered reading fluency.

Students engage in short, highly interactive lessons. Students are continually evaluated and stay motivated while they see progress for every lesson of instruction.

Students move quickly through areas they already know and spend more time reviewing areas of struggle. Students are given two adaptive tries after failing a lesson. Students receive a custom review based on their items of weakness before taking a tailored lesson scaffolded for that individual student.

0 Days

The Technology

Read21 is a web-based application that works with most browsers and the computer’s microphone.
Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition technology listens to students as they say sounds, whole words, and sentences. Students get instant feedback so that they learn to read and speak clearly.

Detailed reports are compiled at the end of each lesson to allow teachers to monitor each student’s progress and see those areas where the student may be struggling. If a student gets less than 80% on any lesson, they are directed to review each sound or skill in the area of struggle and repeat the relevant portions of the lesson before moving on.